B O D I E S   B E S I D E   T H E   R I V E R
Reviews & Interior Views

 Unfolding Anne Carson’s Nox 
by Brandon Lussier

   Creating Quarantine/Constructing “Contagion”

Reflections on an Interview with Brian Henry
by Tamara Madison

  Rae Armentrout’s Hunger Inventing Light

by Jason Lester

   Trust in that Spectral Image: Patricia Fargnoli

by Tim Mayo

 R E A D I N G   T H E   G L O B E


a gesture toward freedom

   Reviewing Harold Jaffe’s Paris 60
by Gary Lain

 Vijay Prashad

Shailja Patels’ Migritude

Kathryn Farris & Ilya Kaminsky
On Tiziano Fratus and the Daily Terror

 Felix Nicolau

One Possible Way of Getting Beyond Postmodernism

 Chris Tanasescu

Notes Toward A Temporary Poetics of Cotext

D A U G H T E R S / B R O T H E R S / H U S BA N D S

The thimble in her purse

Tayve Neese considers Bisham Bherwani 

Lauren Scotto discusses Sylvia Plath and Lorine Niedecker

Amanda Fiore explores Louise Glück

      A S  Y M M E T R I C A L   L I T T L E   S O N G

motion lies in the eye

     Rachel Galvin’s Fabled Mechanics 

by Kyle Martindale

     Crushing on Richard Siken 

by Kaitlin Dyer

 A R A B I C    I N T O   E N G L I S H

Two Poems in Translation

    “Mysterious Neighborhood” & “Among You”

by Wadih Saadeh

Translated by Amber Nelson and Maged Zaher

     I N   B R I E F :    R E V I E W S


  Kathryn Farris & Ilya Kaminsky
Found in Translation: Tolstoy’s Moral Tale is Alive in English

  John Koethe’s Falling Water

by Aimée Fagent

 Daniel Simko’s  The Arrival

by Dean Robertson

 A Glimpse Inside A Poet’s House

by Tamara Madison

   Ilya Kaminsky

Sarah Valentine Translates Gennady Aygi

 Fiona Sze-Lorrain’s Water the Moon

by Taylor Mardis Katz



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