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  P O E T R Y  A N D   L O S S

Russell Thornton on Poetry and Loss

T H E  M U S I C   M A T T E R S
Rhythm & Form

Patricia Monaghan considers Annie Finch’s traditionalism
Boris Dralyuk talks about Samuel Menashe

  P O L I T I C S
The New Political 

Francis Raven reviews John Sanbonmatsu’s The Posmodern Prince, and discusses two more works,
Charity Scribner’s Requiem for Communism and Annie E. Coombes’ History After Apartheid

E A S T   /  W E S T
From Kyoto to Kentucky 

Carolyn Kousky discusses Basho
Heather Hartley interviews Cecilia Woloch, a Gypsy en route in Paris, Kentucky & Eastern Europe

The Poet-Philosopher 

Gerald Schwartz writes about John Koethe

  L I T E R A R Y    C O N S I D E R A T I O N

Reviews of First and Second Books & Anthologies 

Lisa Jarnot in conversation with Francis Raven
Christopher J. Jarmick talks up punk poet John Burgess
Ilya Kaminsky suggests the work of
Susan Rich    Katherine Towler     Sam Taylor    John Burgess
Christine Boyka Kluge talks to Dan Wickett
Jim Natal considers Cloud View Poets
Patricia Fargnoli reviewed three times:     Ilya Kaminsky    Janet McCann      Edward Byrne 

Sean Singer in conversation with Francis Raven

C H A P B O O K 
WDSRB’s Online Poetry Collection 

A Selection of Poems by Thom Ward

S H O R T   F I C T I O N
A Story 

“From The Diary of a Prizefighter” by Ted Jonathan


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